Excellence in software and web consulting

Why choose Timlick and Associates?

  1. Commitment. We are committed to delivering to our client's the best value. Our focus and concentration will deliver better solutions, faster and with more quality than other alternatives.
  2. Experience. We have years experience in industry, government and education. We can draw upon the lessons from many diverse areas to solve your problems faster and better.
  3. Education. The principal has a master's degree in Electrical engineering and majored in Mathematics and Physics. We keep up with the current developments in computer science. Our clients can often get better solutions for less time and money by using state of the art methods.
  4. Objectivity. We are independent consultants, we provide our clients with objective research and opinions, untainted by career aspirations or office politics.
  5. Motivation. We are computer consultants because we enjoy it, that means our clients receive full value from our services; we deliver 100% of our efforts.
  6. Expedience. Our clients are freed from the problems and delays of hiring and keeping experienced, competent engineers. Employee taxes, insurance and education are not needed.
  7. Quality. We are long time advocates of structured programming. Our software is always created using functional decomposition. The final result will be extendible, and often reusable in other systems.
  8. Documentation. We can create any level of user, design and implementation documentation that the client desires. We maintain high standards for our writing. In the past, clients have chosen to release our documentation unchanged to their customers.