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Resume of Patrick Timlick

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Timlick & Associates LLC Email: p.j.timlick@ieee.org
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Patrick Timlick is a versatile, highly skilled  engineer of software and systems for high tech industry, business and government.  Patrick's specialties include software design, enhancement and debugging of existing systems.  Patrick has a large repertoire of skills and techniques that he can apply to familiar and unfamiliar problem domains with good outcomes. 


  • M.S. Electrical Engineering, University of California at Santa Barbara. Software and Hardware Architecture, ARPA Wide Area Net, Digital Signal Processing.
  • B.A. Physics and Mathematics, Western Washington University. Computer programming, Semiconductor Physics, Numerical Analysis, Electronics.


Professional Experience


Intel McAfee Security 2015-2016


Large International Agile foundation project using Spring Framework for many products and services. Analyzed performance of Hbase Big Data store with JMeter and Maven. Analyzed Fips-140 crypto libraries, replacing RSA with Bouncycastle. Created JUnit tests of SQL server modules using dependency injection to run on Team City Integration Server.

Intel MICA Android Wearable 2014-2015 

Agile project project to bring "My Intelligent Communication Accessory" to market. Develop and debug Notification, Short Message Service, Calendar, and Email, applications for a very specialized wearable device. Used Android Studio, Gradle, Jira, Artifactory and other modern development tools and services.


Carpenters Calc  2013-2014 

Updated Carpenters Calc to support Tablets and Notepads. Converted development environment to Android Studio with Gradle and Git. Released new version to Google Play and Amazon Marketplace.


Flashtiming 2014

Designed and implemented a Raspberry Pi – Mobile App controller for Track Meet display clock. Pi controller is implemented with Nodejs. The AngularJS Mobile client connects to Pi with WiFi. The Pi controls starting, stopping, resetting and display of the main large display clock. Setup and used Bitbucket Git repository and Webstorm IDE.


Carpenters Calc 2013-2014

Updated Carpenters Calc to support Tablets and Notepads. Converted development environment to Android Studio with Gradle and Git. Released new version to Google Play and Amazon Marketplace. Tested implementation with appthwack.com.

Dark Horse Comics 2012-2013

Member of an Agile development team doing Android, Ipad, Iphone and Web development.
Implemented dynamic image decimation to display large images on small memory Android devices.

  • Efficiently AES encrypted and decrypted image files on Android and IOS.
  • Eliminated IOS Objective C archive library with C language implementation.
  • Created Optimized PostgreSQL indexes to make long running reports faster.
  • Removed Website bottlenecks identified by New Relic with engineered database indexes.
  • Prevented man in the middle attacks on SSL connections. 


Tour Buddy Systems 2012

Android Java application design and development to provide a framework for a suite of trivia quiz games. The games feature animated screens, buttons, text and graphics, and fun audio playback effects.

Unisearch 2012

HTM5 Mobile website for legal service corporation. Created with JQuery Mobile.

Intel New Business Initiatives 2011

Android application development to support alternative cellular phone business models.  Metered and controlled internet by website and by application.  Rooted an android tablet, scraped Iptables output, aggregated results in Sqlite, transmitted results to server using Json.  Implemented, configured and supported a small proof of concept program.  Analysis of bandwidth requirements using Squid, Iptables and Wireshark  

Kimera Systems - Android Home Screen App Widget 2010

A location aware home screen widget that periodically transmits the phone's location to a server, then changes appearance and behavior, based upon a response from the server. When the user touches, the application, it navigates to a custom browser window to display a server specified URL The Browser window furnishes a custom API for Javascript within the displayed HTML pages.


Android Marketplace "Carpenters Calc"  2010

An Android calculator for carpenters, cabinet makers, machinists.  Carpenter’s calc has direct manipulation of Foot Inch and Fraction measurements for the easiest data entry of any calculator.  It also converts to and from metric system “decimal pointed" measurements.  Results are rounded and displayed to a configurable accuracy, usually the accuracy of the measurement device.  Average user rating 4.7/5.0 in Android Marketplace.

Applied Test Equipment (ATS) 2002-2009

ATS acquired a line of automatic electronic test equipment that ran on obsolete Sun workstations. The device drivers were written in Sun C and applications in Sun Pascal. ATS needed to convert the system to Linux. The tester was connected with a VME bus connected via a third party driver. Final system is testing parts worldwide and is faster, less expensive and more reliable. 

  • Re-engineered the driver to use one from National Instruments, using a HP logic analyzer. to discover the minute details.
  • Converted the code base to GNU C.
  • Streamlined and simplified the build environment using GNU make and Perl scripts.
  • Analyzed Pascal compilers, chose GNU pascal and converted the libraries and development environment.
  • Converted a curses based semiconductor test operator console interface and fixed myriad long standing bugs.
  • Enhanced the application interface, and fixed hundreds of bugs using tools like valgrind and pclint.
  • Ported Motif based digital signal processor GUI to Linux "lesstif".   Interfaced to the hardware with shared memory and SQLite.  Updated documentation.
  • Re-implemented digital pattern generator assembler using Python Yacc (PLY). 


Avedo Human Resources Software Developer 2001

Created Python programs to parse XML page definitions, build HTTP Get queries and check the returned result with HTMLparser.


Digital Media Workshop 2001

Captured MJPEG encoded video with Zoran based capture card, custom Linux kernel and RAID0 (high transfer rate disks). Transformed captured MJPEG to edited and enhanced MPEG1, MPEG2, and MPEG4.


Intel Wireless Handheld 2000-2001

Designed and implemented ASP-Sql Server-Python-DHTML system to generate tightly formatted television program guide for hand-held wireless display. XSL programs to format XML news and weather for display on prototype small wireless handheld device.

Dietlog Inc. 2000

Designed and implemented Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) to efficiently deliver high dimensional nutrient data from Oracle database to Applet or Servlet. The EJB transforms a relationally normalized nutrient database to a collection of collections of named food attributes. Type safe enumerations for attribute identifiers were developed to enhance code reliability. Ported Food/Nutrient database from MS-Access to Oracle 8I using SQL*Loader.

Allianz Insurance 1999

Calculated the value of the flood loss of a university library by extrapolating from thousands of book bids on a large random sample of library contents. Transformed book supplier response files into SQL Server tables for statistical analysis. Created Perl scripts to parse and transform the data into SQL tables. Developed sophisticated SQL queries to extract the statistical information.

Hewlett-Packard – Internet Printing Group 1999-2000

Designed and created page layout XML using W3C DOM. Parsed XML on client side with MSXML ActiveX control. Designed and implemented Java Servlet that created PDF files from page layout primitives, implemented with Java-JNI calls to C PDF Library running on HP-UX.

MedicaLogic 1999

Ported Java Medical Thesaurus Application from Oracle 8 to Microsoft SQL Server 7. Converted Data Definition Language and developed BCP load scripts for multi-gigabyte database. Qualified JDBC driver and debugged and converted data manipulation language statements to be compatible with both systems.

Hewlett-Packard – Image Enhancement Group 1998-1999

Designed and implemented a special purpose relational database. Used standard design patterns and C++ templates. Image data is stored in this database by a modified application and later accessed by a printer driver to speed and enhance printing. Time to start printing was sped by a factor of 10.

Intel – Internet Support Center 1997-1998

Created autonomous agents to monitor Internet and extranet servers. Implemented agents in Java using Voyager. Agents would move selves to a specified server, scan a specified log file and write XML matches to a JavaBeans listener.

First Data Bank 1996 - 1997


  • Created Component Object Model (COM) Server Interface for Drug Tool Kit. Implemented Drug Selection and Interaction Checks. Tested Interface with Visual Basic and Java.
  • Created a C++ Standard Template Library utility to copy an ODBC database to another ODBC database.
  • Designed, coded and debugged a combination OLE Automation Server and OCX Client to link a Visual Basic NT to Newton wireless LAN communications server to a patient database OCX control. Implemented in Visual C++ .
  • Rewrote critical SQL queries to reduce run time from minutes to seconds. Saved company from a developing special software for the same result.


Previous Projects

  • Independent Software Consultant
  • Database system developer for mainframe and mini computer companies.
  • Developer for Electronic Test Equipment software
  • US Army Veteran - Honorable Discharge
  • Active member of Toastmasters Speech and Leadership Club
  • Details available on request