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Our Code of Professional Integrity

We believe, first and foremost that our client's interests and goals come above our own. Our role is to fill a need, as perceived by our client. While always meeting the customers' specifications, we will make the engineering tradeoffs so that internally, the final product conforms to the client's needs.

For example, often we are called upon for our abilities to provide software for a closing window of opportunity, in this case expediency takes precedence. In other situations, the client would have us give more priority to longer term goals, an implementation designed for future change, for example.

We will be objective. We are structurally independent of many political influences within our client's organization. As matter of policy, we do not profit from sales of equipment or the services of others that we recommend.

We will be reliable. We will understand the strategy and scope of assignments before making commitments. We will summarize our understanding in a written proposal before starting work. We will not accept projects that we do not feel confident that we will be able to deliver satisfactorily.

We will keep our client informed with periodic status reports, describing accomplishments, problems and the risks remaining during a project.

We will be trustworthy. We will not reveal company confidential information to anyone unless the information becomes public. We will not accept similar assignments from competitors at the same time without both their approvals.