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Case Histories

WWW Server Monitor

Problem: Client needed to monitor the health of a large WWW and application server installation. A windows application was developed to send test commands to each server and display the results in a matrix on the test machine's monitor. To display the status to a support staff, a large screen TV output with a RF link was used. But still more people needed to see the display.

Solution: At regular intervals, output the status to an HTML file on a WWW server.

Benefits: All the support staff got access to the server status. Furthermore, during beta test, demonstrators in the field could use the facility to make sure the system was up.

ODBC database clone

Problem: Company had developed a large prescription drug database in Microsoft Access. To release it to customers, it needed to be on server based DBMS systems such as Oracle and SQL Server.

Solution: Since the drug database was still evolving, we implemented an application which used ODBC calls to determine the database structure, create the new database and then copy the database data.

Benefits: Not only was the particular database copied over, but the client used the application to copy other databases that were not part of original specification, but were easily handled because of the generality of approach.